vehicle seat covers

Pickup Seat Covers - Ford Ranger and Isuzu

Ford Ranger Rear (to 2012) & Mazda BT 50 Rear Seat Cover

This cover is designed to fit the rear seats of the Mazda BT50 and the Ford Ranger.

For the front seats of both vehicles, use our Universal Front Seat Cover (3DF).


  • Integral headrests
  • Seat belt access points

In the box: One piece cover for the double back seat

Part Number: FRR

Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-Max Front Seat Cover Set (2012 Onwards)

Tailor made seat covers designed to fit the 2012 onwards Isuzu D-max, Ford Ranger, Ford Ranger Wildtrak and the Toyota HiLux pickup front seats.

These covers allow for seat mounted airbags.


  • Velcro side panel allows seat mounted air bags
  • Accommodates seat mounted air bags
  • Velcro slot at top allows easy fitting
  • Tuck in bolt rope around base ensures a perfect fit

In the box: This set comprises four pieces including two single front seat covers and two headrest covers.

Part Number: PU01

Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-Max Rear Seat Cover (2012 Onwards)

Tailor made seat covers designed to fit the 2012 Onwards Isuzu D-max, Ford Ranger and Ford Ranger Wildtrak pickup rear seats.

These covers allow access to the fold down tray as well as the under and behind seat storage.


  • Velcro flap allows for fold-down tray / armrest
  • Separate cover protects armrest on Ford Ranger
  • Slots allow access to seat belts and headrests
  • separate headrest covers
  • Designed to enable seats to fold

In the box: This set comprises six pieces including one single rear seat cover, three headrests, one Velcro slot and one separate tray / armrest cover.

Part Number: PU02